Terrington Arts

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Terrington Players

Terrington Players, through various incarnations, enjoy a history that now goes back over 50 years.

After a long period from the 70s when the lights were out and the stage in darkness, in 1998 a professional actor and director then living in Terrington, David Goodwin, began working with a group of people interested in drama. From play-readings and cabaret sketches they graduated to a poetry evening entitled ‘It could be verse’ one August Bank Holiday Saturday. An audience of 70 people thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and their appetite was whetted for ‘All in Pieces’ an Evening of One-act Plays on 24 and 25 September. Terrington Players was re-born after 30 years. Over 200 people attended the two nights, many seeing their neighbours in an entirely new light. The new Terrington Players now felt confident that they could tackle a full-length play, so after a long winter of rehearsal ‘Murdered to Death’ was enthusiastically received in early May. Over 250 people saw the two evening and one matinee performances. A warm-up to this was March Airs, a cbaret evening which raised £600 for the Children’s Society.

The productions were remarkable for the commitment of David and all the actors and back-stage helpers, and for the wonderful mix of old-stagers and newcomers, and the age range of 16 to late 60s.

A steady flow of successful productions followed each year, directed by David Goodwin and others. Since David and family left the village in 2012 the curtain has come down again but we all live in hope that one day the footlights will spring to life once more for Terrington Players ...