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Terrington Banners

The banners which run through the pages of this website are to be found, in painted and decorated cloth, adorning a whole wall in the main hall of Terrington Village Hall. They were created in 1997, following the opening of the Village Hall, through a community effort of 38 weekly workshops with 500 attendances by 76 people aged 3 to 87. A work in progress exhibition took place in May and they were finally unveiled in September 1998. The village received external recognition for the work when we won third prize in the Yorkshire Rural Community Council’s Village Ventures competition.

There are thirteen banners in total: a banner for each month and a central panel representing Midsummer. Along the top is a time line of features over the Millennium. A map of the Parish runs across the banners. As the banners were being made a new village history was prepared and published by Gerry Bradshaw, sharing research with the banners.