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The Map That Never Was: What Terrington was like in 1779. Talk by Keith Adkins.

History Group meeting on Tuesday 26 March 7.30
Wimbush Room, Terrington Village Hall

Non-members as well as members are welcome to attend.

The biggest reorganisation in the history of Terrington township took place in 1779 when, instigated by the Earl of Carlisle (Castle Howard) a wholesale redistribution of all the lands in the manor and township of Terrington took place and commoners and minor freeholders lost some of their rights. It was a process called Enclosure and many other villages went through something similar at that time. Usually there was a map setting out all the changes but Terrington never seems to have had one, instead there’s just a long written description.

Keith Adkins has for several years been piecing the information together and has created the map-that-never-was. In fact he’s been able to create several maps based on the Enclosure Award. The story shows that there’s a lot in our landscape today and in the layout of the village itself that has not changed over the last 245 years and the evidence is still clear to see – if you know what to look for.

Come along and find out more about what happened in 1779 and see what to look out for now in and around Terrington.